Service 1: Editing

If you’re trying to evaluate your progress as a freelance writer, if you want to be evaluated against a structured marking criteria, you’d need some sort of editing service.

I know your immediate reaction, yikes indeed, it does cost an arm and a leg.

But does it need to? Editors usually want to edit by their own criteria, their own standards, their own guidelines; they have a service they provide and it doesn’t matter if you want a miniscule 100 words evaluated in terms of freelance writing, or comprehensive diction critique of 5000 words— it’s their service, their rules, so cough up.


What if you had a service built for writers, by a writer, dictated by you….

The writer.

Well then, surely you’d be able to do-away with a minimum word count, 50-2000 words could be edited depending on your preference or budget.

Surely you could select if you wanted it to be evaluated for grammar…..or freelance writing efficacy……. or diction…….or whatever the hell you chose.

And surely you’d be looking at a fraction of the cost, a fast return service for those looming deadlines, and a constant feedback loop with half of the corporate hassle.

At Clarkescopy, from the month of May, that’s exactly what we’ll be providing.

You’ll no longer need to ‘what if’ your way to disappointment, to stumble your way by happenstance to eventual improvement. You’ll be able to pair the lessons you’ve learnt with feedback that evaluates your progress, starting from no more than what’d you pay for netflix, to premium packages if that’s what you’re after.

We’ve not launched yet, but drop your details down below and you’ll be notified when the first 20 editing slots are available, with the cost options and the matching evaluation criteria being sent to you weeks in advance.

Editing slots will be extremely limited, so signing up to get early access is strongly suggested.

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Service 2: blog posts

I’m available for guest posting assignments, and limited blog post/general freelance writing work, contact below with details of the assignment to register interest. Responses typically within 24 hours.

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