You’d love to be a freelance writer but:

  • There isn’t a set course or route to follow

  • You’ve got access to great lessons…. but there’s no way to tell if your implementing them how you should be.

  • You don’t know how to build a freelance blog and market yourself as a business.


What if….

Beginner lessons for freelance writers
Building your business (2).png
Building your business.png

You had access to weekly content that taught you in ‘seasons’, starting from beginner season one building up to advanced (intermediate and advanced coming soon).

You had content that suits your schedule, allowing you to chose from the short brief ‘essentials’ series (for when you’re strap for time), or the lessons series that keeps it real on mistakes made, whilst sharing crucial pearls of wisdom.

You had an affordable auditing service, so that after you’ve applied the lessons, you could track your progress by being rated against a strict marking criteria.



copywriter about me section

At Clarke’s copy, my number one goal is to teach freelancing writing in a way that hasn’t been taught before. To cut the fluff, to the cut the undercover sales pitch, and to to peel back the veil on the freelance writing industries (blogging/copywritng/ghostwriting).

Too many sites give you templates, rehashed hot tips, and shortcuts to an industry that only rewards the long game. What you really need and what I aim to provide is the blueprint, written in a way that entertains you but never sugar coats the tough road ahead.

You know you’re good, I know your good, so let’s teach you the tools of the trade.

Are you in?

Don’t miss out

This week, subscribers got access to the 6 must know metrics for freelance writers, the latest lessons straight to their email, and a weekly update on all things freelance writing. But you didn’t miss out ofc….. because you’re already signed up…. right?

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